CareFlash is a free service anyone can use to quickly and easily create a private online Careopolis

As in this brief tour, a Careopolis includes capabilities and content for enhancing connectedness and community

A Careopolis moves loved ones from sympathy to empathy, enhancing outlook and peace of mind. It removes emotional barriers so loved ones become, and remain naturally connected among:
  • Illness or injury
  • Healing and rehabilitating
  • An aging loved one
  • Impending loss
  • Grief that follows a death
  • Chronic/behavioral illness
  • Cognitive challenge
  • Promoting wellness
  • Transitioning to a prosthetic limb
  • Addiction recovery
  • New family addition
In addition, CareFlash partners with the following types of organizations, using proven, industry-specific solutions that enhance quality of care and foster outreach, retention and growth:
  • Healthcare
  • Home Health/Home Care
  • Physical/Occupational Therapy
  • Post-Acute
  • Chronic/Behavioral Care
  • Eldercare/Senior Living
  • Hospice/Palliative Care
  • Faith-Based
  • Pharmacies/PBMs
  • Employee Benefits/Payers
  • Advocacy/Community

It's fast & easy to create your own free, secure Careopolis to engage loved ones

A Careopolis is 100% invitation-only, so you select who you want to participate in what's going on Participants naturally rally around without the typical awkwardness - without waiting to engage via the grapevine.

A Careopolis has its own blog - not only for updates and well-wishes - but for sustained, healing dialogues. Blogposts can be easily accompanied with photos and videos that go miles to enhance outlook and optimism!

Have you ever wondered why loved ones keep asking how they can help?

People want to help, but don't know how, when or where - or what's most needed. No one wants to intrude, is part of the reason loved ones keep asking how they can help.

A Careopolis has its own interactive calendar - making it a snap to reach-out and enlist help with meals, meds, errands, appointments and respite. This gets everyone on the same page, organized and moving the same direction - helping keep the path to recovery on schedule!

Social Storytelling celebrates life using loved ones' photos and in their own voices

Since "celebrating life" is a tired ole saying, we named our newest module Social Storytelling. It has nothing to do with well-wishes - nor is it a bunch of photos put to music.

Social Storytelling is an interactive approach to telling the life story of the person at the heart of that Careopolis - thru members photos and actual voices.

Shared experiences, adventures, memories and voices creates goodwill and benefit that - extending for years and even generations to come!

Smiling faces of loved ones brighten the day and foster better outlook

Therapy takes all sorts of forms. On the photo-sharing page, loved ones can upload and share images.

These include smiling faces and warm memories - brightening the day and keeping loved ones connected. Engages loved ones from near and far - allowing them to contribute in ways that leverage memories and elicit smiles.

Targeted, world-class educational material removes emotional barriers!

A Careopolis contains world-class, 3D healthcare animations and content that helps everyone get up to speed on what's going on.

The animations are plainly and understandably narrated using simple terms that the average person can easily understand. This removes emotional barriers that explain why people have a difficult time being (and staying) engaged!

CareFlash is free, and quick and easy to use. It simplifies sharing, engaging and supporting. Love and community are powerful medicine... no matter what's going on!