Community when it matters most
It's our people who make the difference

CareFlash is inspired and run by passionate professionals, each with perspectives born out of personal experiences that provide them not only pride in what Careopolis(s) represent to people... but the empathy to appreciate how we enhance lives. Our backgrounds also encompass an energy and a deep passion for entrepreneurship within the ways we make a difference every day.

Community. We've always assumed that people with more friends live longer, happier lives. As things continue to happen in life, study after study continues to validate that people with larger social networks have better outcomes and suffer less depression. Community is universal.

Jay Drayer
Jay is founder and CEO of CareFlash. Jay calls himself a "recovering CFO" who took lessons from 20 years of corporate finance and software industry experience and interwove them with experience as care provider to a family member who transitioned through intensive care and hospice care to a funeral.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"Our Careopolis(s) make a difference every day in the lives of thousands around the world"
Bruce Blausen
Bruce is Founder and CEO of Blausen Medical Communications, internationally recognized as the developer and owner of the world's largest 3D medical animation library.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"Whether using social media or 3D animations, CareFlash and Blausen share the common mission of alleviating fears and concerns of patients and their families"
Colin Bester
Colin is an established Chief Technology Officer with a longstanding reputation for success involving innovative business models and technical solutions that address global challenges.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"CareFlash has taken the step to leverage the power of social media in a controlled and unobtrusive way, providing a convenient and effective solution that has the potential to make a difference in people's lives"
Mark Elder
Mark is Director of Spiritual Care and Clinical Ethics with St. David's HealthCare in Austin, TX, and has many years of experience in and surrounding Social Work, Chaplaincy and Grief Support.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"All humans desire community. In community, we receive and give belonging, support and encouragement. CareFlash facilitates this level of community to people in ways that combine 21st century technology with the ages-old need for human compassion and care. I am excited to be part of an organization involved in these levels of engagement and connectedness among people"
Judy Brizendine
Judy is a sought-after speaker and blogger and the author of Stunned by Grief. As a result of a tragic loss, her mission and passion surround educating, encouraging and inspiring anyone facing grief to step into the powerful grieving process and move from the pain of loss to living expectantly again.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"Ever since Jay described CareFlash to me, I have remained intrigued by this innovation that brings people together in compassionate and meaningful ways in some of the most challenging, life-altering times in their lives - to nurture healing. I'm honored participating among a community whose mission and passion are synonymous with positively impacting lives of people everywhere"
John Parker
John is responsible for Enterprise Data Management at Oracle. Educated in Computer Science at M.I.T, he has served as president and COO of a startup business, SVP of Operations for Knight Ridder Financial, and has over 20 years of sales experience with Merrill Lynch and Kidder Peabody.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"Relationships need to be cultivated and nurtured. Technology has the potential to isolate us, but it also has the potential to bring us together around common causes. CareFlash uses technology to foster real community by bringing together extended support networks, renewing friendships and providing aid and comfort to people in times of their most critical need"
Samira Beckwith
Samira is the President/CEO of Hope HealthCare Services and has been a dedicated champion for palliative care and end of life issues for over 30 years. Her passion and expertise have been acknowledged throughout the State of Florida and nationally. In recognition of her work, Florida Governor Jeb Bush described her as "a visionary who provides leadership on a local and national level - passionate about ensuring the highest quality of service".
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"I know that each day is a gift. Through exceptional care and support, it is my goal to help every individual and their loved ones as they fulfill life's journey. Through CareFlash, Hope provides individuals with an effective communication tool for family and friends during difficult times. This helps people share love, support, and Hope"
Carole Fisher
Carole is the President/CEO of Nathan Adelson Hospice, Las Vegas and Southern Nevada's oldest hospice. Carole is both visionary and progressive in the tirless ways she couples her vast knowledge of healthcare and hospice, with a strong belief in the importance of compassion and empathy. Earlier in Carole's career, she served as a Counselor and Executive Director of a respected substance abuse and behavioral care organization.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"During good times and bad, people need to know that they are not alone. CareFlash is an innovative approach to using technology to enhance the depth, comfort and reassurance that is fostered through a sense of engaged community. I applaud the innovation that CareFlash represents in the ways it encourages holistic healing"
Elaine Shore Dorr
Elaine is an account executive with Caradigm, a Microsoft - GE Healthcare joint venture that leverages population risk to enhance medical provider success. She has 20 years healthcare marketing expertise with Emdeon and Siemens Healthcare, and a passion to improve lives through health innovation and philanthropy.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"Jay has a history that inspires me in the ways his experiences speak to the strategic significance CareFlash holds for providers all along the entire care continuum. My experience guides me to seek ever-better quality of care solutions via technology. CareFlash has a proved track record in providing a broad spectrum, best of breed solution for individuals and loved ones dealing with health, wellness and aging challenges. Careopolis(s) foster an unobtrusive, meaningful and supportive environment in ways that enable providers to be catalysts for positive change in the lives of those they serve"
Ralph Hasson
Ralph is the Chair of the Austin Board of Advisors for the Texas TriCities Chapter of NACD (National Association of Corporate Directors). He helped to build Chorda Conflict Management, Inc. from a startup into a nationally recognized consulting firm, and has been an advisor to Fortune 500's and startups alike.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"Because of Jay's personal commitment to the CareFlash mission, and because of the flexible crisis management platform CareFlash provides to families facing the toughest of situations"
Greg Grabowski
Greg is a partner with Hospice Advisors. Previously, he was CEO of Seasons Hospice Foundation. Greg is internationally recognized for achievements he produces time and time again - successfully taking creative innovations from ideation through execution, in and surrounding healthcare and philanthropy.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"As in this photo of me with the famed Malcolm Gladwell whose gifts for critical thinking and direction serve as a beacon that inspires innovation, CareFlash is a revolution in whole healing - empowering people in collaborative ways throughout many of life's most challenging circumstances - all within innovation based on community"
Jason Hiles
Jason is Branch Manager of Home Instead Senior Care, Madison, WI. Previously, Jason was Director of Family Services with Hospice Advantage where he was responsible for Social Work, Chaplaincy, Grief Support and Volunteer Coordination across 65 offices nationwide.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"CareFlash's power resides in keeping families connected across miles. There is nothing stronger than the human connection. Keeping a family connected throughout a crisis is deeply profound and powerful. In addition to these capabilities, CareFlash keeps families connected after a crisis subsides... which is much more than memorable - it is habit changing"
Patti Hill
A recognized leader in a new generation of PR executives, Patti founded Penman PR, one of the most innovative independent public relations firms in the nation and the only international PR firm to offer 100% senior-level representation.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"In the face of social media networks designed for self-promotion, CareFlash is a platform that gives Careopolis members advantages in identifying efficient ways to have a meaningful impact in loved ones lives. It gives me great pleasure to be able to represent a company with such compassion and grace"
Richard Scruggs
Richard is a serial entrepreneur currently leading the start-up of Salient Pharmaceuticals Incorporated. His prior experience includes work in arenas diverse as information technology, manufacturing, agriculture and academia.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"I have been involved with CareFlash from its early days because of my interest in social media and projects that have the potential to change peoples lives"
Autumn Spence
Autumn is Sr. VP Business Development at Hospice Pharmacy Solutions, a leading hospice PBM provider. Prior, she grew from being one of the original sales reps at Outcome Resources to become their VP Business Development where she was engaged for 12 years.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"I have been in healthcare and hospice for over a decade and have before never seen an innovation that excites industry professionals like CareFlash. Specifically in the ways it strengthens socialization and enhances the integrated approach to care, while empowering provider word of mouth and professional and community relations"
Dan Wilford
Dan served as CEO of Texas largest nonprofit healthcare system for 18 years, developing it into one of the nation's largest and most respected. In addition to his many professional awards and achievements, Dan is a former NFL official and university level student athlete. He serves on the board of directors of publicly traded LHC Group and Healthcare Realty Trust, along with numerous health-related not-for-profit organizations and in 2009 was inducted into Modern Healthcare's Hall of Fame.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"Having mentored Jay since 2005 when CareFlash was a simple concept drawn on a notepad, I'm consistently amazed by the enhancements his team makes to the Careopolis(s) that are strategic to the success of patients, caretakers, providers, insurers and to society"
Carlos Tirado, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.S.A.M.
Carlos is a physician who is board certified in general psychiatry and addiction medicine. He is the medical director and director of clinical innovation at The Right Step Hill Country and chairs the clinical advisory panel for Sims Foundation which supports hundreds Austin musicians annually. Dr. Tirado completed his M.D. and masters level training in the University of Texas System along with a fellowship at The University of Pennsylvania. He continues to make his mark as an innovator in strategies for enhancing patient outcomes.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"As a practicing addiction medicine psychiatrist, I'm constantly scouring the landscape for innovations that enable success in the whole patient. By this, I'm referring to enhancing success and sustainability in addiction recovery and holistic living that is harmonious with career, family, community and society. CareFlash is exactly this sort of innovation and easily one of the most compelling social advances I have seen in many years, for equipping and empowering patients for their success"
Chris Wasden
Chris is Managing Director of Strategy and Innovation with PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"I see social media applications in healthcare as being transformational as they get more people engaged in changes in values and behaviors that will transform our healthcare system from one focused on sickness to one focused on health. CareFlash has the ability to improve the quality of care and increase the level of engagement beyond the physician and patient"
David Wood
David specializes in risk management and insurance solutions for the healthcare industry. In response to the crisis in patient safety in the healthcare system, David's firm, American Medical Risk LLC developed a new coverage called Patient Protect that insures patients from medical injuries received during treatment.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?
"I had a healthcare experience and saw CareFlash convert a widely dispersed community of loved ones into a well-orchestrated team. As much so with meals, errands and other logistical needs, but also with meaningful encouragement, respite care and much needed social engagement extending far beyond hospital discharge and through recovery and rehabilitation - all within a holistic healing Careopolis"
David Lane Brown, M.D.
David is a physician, board certified in child and adolescent psychiatry. Since 1994, Dr. Brown has cared for patients of all ages in private practice, in community mental health and residential treatment centers and within a psychiatric hospital where he served as both medical director and medical staff president.
Why do I value my involvement with CareFlash?

"In January 2012, I heard the three most fear striking words I have experienced in life. "You have cancer." As a nonsmoker, I'd been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer which, let me tell you got my undivided attention"

"As I worked develop some semblance of normalcy in my life, I did 3 things. First, I embraced a holistic lifestyle, centric around mind, body and spirit. Second, I started my own Careopolis to engage my friends and loved ones in my new identity as a cancer patient. And third, I entered into a revolutionary clinical trial that uses targeted molecular pharmaceutical treatments to fight cancer. I credit my holistic lifestyle, social network and medical care for the amazing (I can't bring myself to say miraculous) progress I'm making where we continue to witness therapeutic response that is wholly without precedent"

"Jay and the CareFlash team have been responsive to my thoughts and now, through the numerous Careopolis(s) around the world, my observations continue to benefit patients and loved ones, as they work through life's most difficult challenges... empowered by the holistic benefits of community"