Your Careopolis

Your Careopolis is a
metropolis of healing
and support. A web /
mobile micro-community
that converts sympathy
to empathy - fostering
healing among loved ones.

It includes tools that are
invaluable in times of
heightened anxiety -
removing emotional
barriers and enabling
friends to engage in
ways that are helpful
and healing.

It is fast and easy to create,
invitation-only, and free.



During & after a NICU stay

Impending loss

Substance recovery

Celebrating a life lost

Prolonged recovery


Behavioral issue

Wellness challenge

Elderly member

A Careopolis Contains:

  • iHelp Interactive Calendar allows
    loved ones to easily engage with
    their help, support and love

  • A private blog for healing dialogues
    that enhance outlook and overall
    quality of life

  • Interactive Social Storytelling tool
    for celebrating memories in each
    member's own voice and photos

  • Create a personalized fundraiser
    for the benefit of a nonprofit
    organization of your choosing

  • Get everybody up-to-speed with
    world-class 3D health videos,
    plainly, understandably narrated

  • Share and re-live warm memories
    by adding photos that evoke
    warm memories and experiences

  • Replace sympathy with empathy
    by removing emotional barriers,
    making engagement more natural

  • CareFlash is bilingual among both
    English and Spanish and is also

Find us on:

CareFlash also partners with organizations to:

  • Rally loved ones in 'whole healing'
  • Enhance outlook and optimism
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Improve family experience
  • Enhance outcomes
  • Expand marketing

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