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CareFlash Offers The Careopolis

- A Metropolis of Love and Empathy

Your Careopolis

It is private, easy to create and use, mobile-friendly, multilingual and free.

Foster a supportive fabric of connectedness
Empowered with empathy, more than just sympathy
Part of the journey, as opposed to more of the landscape

Features & Content

  • Community blog
  • Interactive calendar
  • Storytelling tool
  • Photo sharing
  • 3D health animations
  • Video sharing
  • Coordinates & engages
  • Mobile friendly
  • Multilingual
  • Invitation only
  • Private and secured
  • No ads
  • Crowdfunding
Community when it matters most

Learn about Careopolis in video

CareFlash also partners with organizations to:

  • Rally loved ones in 'whole healing'
  • Enhance outlook and optimism
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Improve family experience
  • Enhance outcomes
  • Expand marketing

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