Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about CareFlash

What's the general idea behind CareFlash?

CareFlash is service that facilitates "Community" among friends and family in ways that drive better outcomes in experiences including:

  • Injuries or illnesses
  • Wellness challenges
  • Eldercare
  • Deployed military members
  • Reintegrating veterans
  • Natural disasters
  • Hospice
  • Moving forward after a death

Dealing with circumstances such as these can be unsettling. Your family is special with its unique bonds. Create your own private online Careopolis(s) that help families work through difficult challenges and decisions surrounding caring for loved ones in ways that enhance quality of life and nurture better outcomes.

Communities help family care providers maintain balance in their lives while engaging the most important people around a loved one. Here are some of the features that make it work:

  • A private blog for communicating recovery updates, well wishes and meaningful dialogues
  • An interactive iHelp calendar for tastefully but unobtrusively engaging much-needed assistance from friends with tasks, errands, meals and much else
  • Rich spiritual and educational information including plainly-narrated 3-D health and wellness animations
  • A photo page, for sharing and re-living warm memories together
  • Communities are easily set-up in 2-3 minutes, requiring no technical training
Why is a Careopolis helpful?

Careopolis(s) go miles to reduce stress and anxiety for family care providers. The results - family care providers are more productive and the entire support community is more effective without feelings of intrusiveness. Careopolis(s) also provide avenues to more easily keep family and friends in the loop on what's going-on, while engaging their involvement... all of which are proven to reduce depression and anxiety, drive better outcomes and speed recoveries.

Does CareFlash provide medical advice and opinions?

No. CareFlash offers no medical opinions or advice. We are not knowledgeable about healthcare... but are former business executives who labor passionately every day to make a difference in people's lives by alleviating fear and anxiety via "Community".

Can I create more than one Careopolis?

Yes. Once you are signed-up as a registered user, create as many Careopolis(s) as you would like.

The 3-D animations in my Careopolis

Who produces the animations hosted on CareFlash?

The animations you see on CareFlash are produced by Blausen Medical Communications, a world-class medical animation and illustration company with the largest and most comprehensive library of proprietary medical imagery in the world. (

How can I download the 3-D video animations?

The 3-D Animation aren't available to download, you just can view or link to them.

Email accounts and passwords

How can I change the email address that I use in my CareFlash account?
If I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

In order to reset your password, please visit

  • Click on "Forgot password"
  • Fill in your username or email address
  • Shortly, you will receive an email providing you a new password
  • Please use care because the password you receive is CaSeSensiTiVE

If my password does not seem to be working, what should I do?

If you have issues logging into CareFlash, there is a good likelihood that you have mistyped either:

  • Your email account/user name or
  • Your password
Passwords are case-sensitive so please ensure you are correctly entering the required characters. If all else fails, please reset your password by visiting
  • Click on "Forgot password"
  • Fill in your username or email address
  • Shortly, you will receive an email providing you a new password
  • Please use care because the password you receive is CaSeSensiTiVE

How can I change my password?

In order to change your password, please visit

  • Log into your account
  • Click on the "My CareFlash" tab near the top of the page
  • Click on the "My Account" link on the turquoise bar
  • Click "Change Password"
  • Enter and confirm your new password
  • Click "Update Password"

Setting-up and deleting Careopolis(s)

Who can set-up a Careopolis?

Anyone can create a user account on CareFlash and create a Careopolis. Friends, loved ones, clergy members and work associates can enhance the process at hand by creating a Careopolis and getting people engaged and involved. Please remember to use discretion and good taste in what you post in a Careopolis.

How time-consuming is it to create a Careopolis?

Setting up a Careopolis typically takes between 2-3 minutes and requires no technical training.

How do I set up a Careopolis?

To set up a Careopolis, click on "Create a Careopolis". On the Careopolis creation webpage, there is a clickable link that shows in clear terms how easy it is to create a Careopolis.  Open Instructions

Can I delete my Careopolis?

Yes, you can delete any Careopolis where you are the owner (administrator) of that Careopolis.  If you wish to do so, follow these steps:

  • Log into CareFlash
  • Navigate to the Careopolis you wish to delete
  • Click on Edit Careopolis
  • At the bottom of the page, click "Delete Careopolis"
Please be sure this is what you intend to do because once you delete a Careopolis... it is gone  forever.

Adding and removing members from Careopolis(s)

How do I invite friends to join a Careopolis?

Invite people to participate and interact with you and the other members of your Careopolis.

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How do I invite others to become members in a Careopolis that I own?

On the home page of the respective Careopolis, click "Invite friends". Once you have entered the names and email addresses of invitees, CareFlash automatically launches email invitations to these invitees.

Can anyone find my Careopolis by using a search engine?

No. Careopolis(s) are hidden from search engines.

Who has the authority to invite new members into a Careopolis?

Only the owner (or Administrator) of each Careopolis has this power to invite new members into that Careopolis.

Can a member within a given Careopolis (someone other than the owner/administrator) invite someone to become a member of that same Careopolis?

No, but that member can "nominate" someone to be invited into the Careopolis by the owner.(See the next entry.)

What if a member (who is not the owner or administrator of a particular Careopolis) invites others into that Careopolis?

Only the owner (administrator) of a Careopolis can launch invitations to prospective members. If a member of a Careopolis (who is not the owner or administrator) wishes to nominate someone to join into a Careopolis, they can accomplish this by navigating to the home page of the particular Careopolis and:

  • Click "Invite friends"
  • Entering the name and email address of the nominee and click "Invite"
CareFlash then automatically submits a nomination request via email to the owner of that Careopolis. The owner has the option of accepting or rejecting the nomination. Assuming the owner affirms the nomination, the nominee will automatically receive an email notification from CareFlash inviting them to join into that Careopolis. The owner of the Careopolis also has the ability to ask the nominator for more information on who the nominee is... and as well can simply reject the nomination. Bear in mind that rejections are not necessarily punitive but may simply indicate that the owner feels that the person's involvement may not be appropriate given:
  • The level of dialogue transpiring in the Careopolis
  • The group of people that have been assembled (close family members and friends)

How do I remove members from a Careopolis or promote members to moderator status?

Only the administrator/owner of a given Careopolis has the power to promote members to moderator status, or to remove members from that Careopolis. In 'View all friends' (lower left side), click Edit next to a member's name and a box will appear giving you the option to either Make moderator or Remove user.

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How can I Invite Users from other Careopolis(s)?

In Careopolis Members we have the options to "Invite Users from other Careopolis(s)".

Open Instructions

How to locate a Careopolis using Search and requesting an invitation to join into it?

People can locate a Careopolis and join it through the "Search" option

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Control of Careopolis(s), administrator details, etc.

Can I delegate authority to another CareFlash user, allowing them to serve as co-administrator of a Careopolis that I have created?

Yes. In doing so, the new co-administrator (a moderator) will have all the "authority" of an administrator.

Do I have the ability to modify information in a Careopolis?

As the owner/administrator of a Careopolis, you have the ability to modify anything on the Careopolis. If you are a member of a Careopolis, you do not have the ability to modify updates or most other details.

Can I delete a Careopolis?

Yes, but only the owner of that given Careopolis has the power to delete a given Careopolis. On the home page of the Careopolis, click 'Edit this Careopolis' (top left). On the bottom of the "Edit your private Careopolis" page, click the red button titled 'Delete this Careopolis'. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to proceed with the deletion.

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When I post updates to my Careopolis, do members receive notifications?

Yes, when you post an update to your Careopolis blog, each member is notified via email that the update is available for them to read when they are ready.

What does the email notification look like?

The notification is a shortened version of the update. It contains a link which can be clicked-on to view the entire update, and reply to it. CareFlash is more of a community solution and our objective is less-so aimed at communicating recovery updates, and more-so aimed at better engaging the involvement of the members in driving better outcomes, reducing aloneness and depression, and so on.

Do email updates need to be retrieved immediately?

No. Updates can be retrieved at any time.

Are there limitations on how frequently updates can be entered?

No, there are no limitations.

Can a "Friend" post a response to an update?

Yes, and it will be seen by all Careopolis members.

What other tools are provided by CareFlash?

In addition to the updates tool, CareFlash provides users with the ability to post photos and videos, request and organize help via the iHelp Calendar, access meaningful spiritual content unique to that visitor's personal preferences and research information on diseases or treatments.

Photo page in each Careopolis

May I post photos into a Careopolis?

Yes, simply choose the photos tab, select the photo you want to share with others, and upload it into your Careopolis.

Can I share my photos?

You can share your photos with the members of your Careopolis. Any photos you post will be seen by all members of the Careopolis

iHelp calendar

How do I let my members in my Careopolis know how and when help is needed?

The iHelp Calendar(TM) provides an easy, unobtrusive way for you to post your needs on an interactive calendar. Click to have CareFlash automatically launch emails to your Careopolis when you post something. As members volunteer to take responsibility for tasks, their acknowledgement is noted for everyone's benefit... reducing the redundancy that is so common. Areas of assistance that are commonly seen include:

  • Meals, tasks and errands
  • Childcare or pet care
  • Lawn care and assistance around the house
  • Suggested times for visitations (and notes for when the time for a visit is not opportune - like during therapy, treatments, etc.)
  • Schedule an event or outing
  • Schedule important recurring events (like continuing therapy dates or even birthdays and anniversaries)

Who can add events to my iHelp calendar?

All members of the Careopolis can add events in the calendar by clicking on the (+) symbol or in "Add an iHelp Calendar(TM) Event" in the calendar. Be sure to check the box if you would like CareFlash to email members, notifying them that a request has been made.

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Careopolis Blog

How can I post messages, photos, videos in the Careopolis blog?

You can enrich your posts by adding multimedia content to them. In this quick guide we will show you how to add images and videos to your posts.

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