Rogue Prosthetics Leverages Careopolis to Enhance Success among People Receiving Artificial Limbs

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CareFlash and Rogue Prosthetics announced today that the organizations have entered into a collaborative partnership that leverages togetherness, empathy and nostalgia to enhance success in healing journeys among people obtaining an artificial limb. This agreement provides patients, families and communities access to CareFlash’s signature platform, The Careopolis, “A Metropolis of Love and Empathy.”

As described in the brief video on Rogue Prosthetics’ website (, a Careopolis is an online “caring community” which is created and operated by a patient and loved ones. Each Careopolis contains components and content including a collaboration calendar, community blog, interactive storytelling tool, photo-sharing capabilities and 3-D medical animations. It is invitation-only, mobile-friendly, multilingual and effective in enhancing how loved ones become and remain:

- Engaged as a supportive fabric of strength and encouragement
- Empowered with empathy, more than just sympathies
- More along for the journey, and less part of the landscape

“In today’s world, people encounter more and more challenges, while society offers fewer and fewer solutions,” adds Sheri Hatt, CEO of Rogue Prosthetics. “Our mindset, mission and core values at Rogue Prosthetics are committed to fostering social togetherness, empathy and enhancing quality of life. The Careopolis is an extension of this philosophy. It is an innovative social platform we offer for improving client socialization, resilience and success with a prosthesis through enhancing how loved ones support and encourage. We view The Careopolis as part of a pervasive shift in the ‘Standard of Care’ in the prosthetic industry, with the goal of promoting holistic healing, value-based care and population health. Since April 2021 when Rogue Prosthetics began working with CareFlash, we have been pleasantly surprised by the growing numbers of families adopting and using the Careopolis tool. Seeing the impressive growth curve of families using it, we know people find this helpful and even needed.”

“There is an ever-expanding awareness among forward-thinking professionals in the prosthetic industry as to the importance of encouraging supportive engagement and teamwork among loved ones,” adds Andreas Kannenberg, MD, Executive Medical Director North America, Otto Bock HealthCare. “Through doing so, the likelihood of achieving success with a prosthesis is improved. There is clearly an opportunity-lost that happens when clients do not wholeheartedly embrace what is necessary in terms of energy, dedication and practice to achieve the best possible outcome with a prosthesis. Togetherness and support are compelling to the holistic success of the client, associated loved ones and the prosthetist.”

“CareFlash was founded in 2005 out of a lengthy caretaking journey surrounding a family member,” adds Jay Drayer, CareFlash founder/CEO. “Throughout that experience, I learned that loved ones sincerely want to engage throughout healing or aging journeys. However, social engagement is complicated by people’s busy lives, emotional barriers and concerns about intrusiveness. When this happens, the quality and durability of supportive engagement instead comes through as lots of well-wishes and sympathies. The Careopolis enhances the depth and durability of togetherness, empathy and quality of life.”

About CareFlash
Now into its 18th year, CareFlash has built a reputation for empowering organizations that place value on enhancing socialization, resilience and peace of mind. Likewise in strengthening community education/outreach, industry relations and competitive advantage. CareFlash’s partners range broadly throughout acute, post-acute, chronic, cognitive, hospice/palliative, senior living, payer, home-care, faith-based, funeral and professional services organizations. As a sample, these include Community Medical Centers, Texas Oncology, Austin Regional Clinic, Outcomes Physical Therapy and Halcyon Hospice. For information:


On Behalf of CareFlash
Jay Drayer

Rogue Prosthetics
Sheri Hatt


CareFlash and Texas Oncology Collaborate to Enhance Togetherness and Empathy Throughout Healing Journeys

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – CareFlash and Texas Oncology announced today that the organizations have entered into a collaborative agreement that leverages togetherness, empathy and nostalgia in enhancing healing and aging journeys. This agreement provides patients, families and communities access to CareFlash’s signature platform, The Careopolis, “A Metropolis of Love and Empathy.”

A Careopolis is an online “caring community,” created and operated by a patient and/or a family caretaker and invited loved ones. It contains components and content that enhance the quality and durability of how loved ones engage throughout healing or aging journeys. These include: a collaboration calendar, community blog, interactive storytelling tool, photo-sharing capabilities, 3-D medical animations and more. Each Careopolis is invitation-only, mobile-friendly and multilingual. It enhances how loved ones become and remain:

  • Engaged as a supportive fabric of connectedness
  • Empowered with empathy, more than just sympathy
  • More along for the journey, and less part of the landscape

“The physicians who founded Texas Oncology in 1986 were forward-looking physicians, determined to make high-touch, evidence-based, community-focused cancer care a reality,” said CareFlash CEO Jay Drayer.  ”This collaboration advances that mission by enhancing the quality and durability of how loved ones engage – in strengthening togetherness, socialization and peace of mind.”

Said R. Steven Paulson, M.D., president, and chairman of Texas Oncology: “Beyond enhancing connectedness and quality of life, CareFlash exemplifies Texas Oncology’s core values and commitment to innovation by strengthening outlook, optimism and resilience which are especially important throughout the extended health journeys that tend to accompany cancer care.  Quality patient care comes first at Texas Oncology and this new collaboration elevates that commitment even higher.”

Said Stephanie Broussard, MSSW, LCSW-S, APHSW-C, director, palliative care and social work, Texas Oncology: “Texas Oncology has worked with CareFlash since March 2021.  We have been pleasantly surprised by the growing numbers of families adopting and using the Careopolis tool.  In these days of social separation, people living through involved illnesses need to steer clear of compromising their wellness.  Seeing the impressive growth curve of families using the Careopolis Communities, we know people find this helpful and even needed.  We look forward to its efficacy in continuing to empower families and even neighborhood groups to stay connected and support each other throughout some of life’s most challenging circumstances.”

About CareFlash
CareFlash was founded in 2005 out of a lengthy caretaking experience surrounding a loved one.  It has built a longstanding reputation for empowering hundreds of organizations who value the importance of enhancing togetherness, quality of life and peace of mind.  Now into its 17th year, CareFlash’s partner organizations range broadly throughout acute, post-acute, chronic, cognitive, behavioral, prosthetic, hospice/palliative, senior living, payer, home care, faith-based, funeral and professional services organizations.  For more information, visit

On Behalf of CareFlash
Jay Drayer
P: 512-368-5421

On Behalf of Texas Oncology
Ed Bryson
Director, Public Relations and Communications
Texas Oncology




In Times of Isolation and Separation, CareFlash’s Storytelling Solution “GIST” Enhances Connectedness & Quality-of-Life

AUSTIN, Texas, April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – CareFlash announces interactive storytelling tool, GIST (Group Interactive Storytelling Tool) which leverages the Powers of Nostalgia and Empathy to foster connectedness thru highlighting shared memories in loved ones’ photos and actual voices.

“Austin Regional Clinic has worked with
CareFlash since May 2018 and been
pleasantly surprised 
by its utilization
among families 
and individuals across
the healthcare spectrum from those
with older family members to parents
with newborns” 
-Heidi Shalev, VP
Marketing, Austin Regional Clinic


 ”Children interacting with parents thru the window of a senior living facility has become an everyday reality. Pandemics such as COVID-19 create social isolation, diminishing resilience and optimism among those who are aging, or facing involved illnesses,” said Jay Drayer, CareFlash CEO. ”While social distancing fosters anxiety, depression and caregiver burnout, a recent pilot found that digital connectedness and storytelling counter the sense of isolation, improving quality-of-life among people on healing journeys or who are living with chronic, cognitive or behavioral illness.”


GIST (Group Interactive Storytelling Tool) is a web/mobile solution that enhances connectedness.  It organizes the chapters of a loved one’s life into a personalized timeline:  Family, Travels, Love, and the other 9 chapters of their life.  Each chapter is populated and curated thru the photos, videos and actual voices of loved ones, regardless of location.

A recent pilot validates that GIST enhances:

  • Supportive engagement
  • Socialization
  • Optimism


GIST is a component in a turn-key solution called The Careopolis which surrounds a loved one, or many times a couple. A Careopolis contains:  a blog, interactive calendar, photo/video sharing tools, 3-D medical animations and GIST storytelling solution. Mobile-friendly, multilingual and invitation-only, it is created and operated by families.


A Careopolis combines the Powers of Nostalgia, Empathy and Community in fostering connectedness while taking people back to experiences they ache to visit again.  Nurturing compassion among loved ones strengthens the social fabric of a care team.  Enhancing connectedness and empathy also benefits healthcare, home-care and senior living workers.


CareFlash offers branded versions of the Careopolis throughout healthcare, home-care, hospice, senior living, pharmaceutical, employee benefit, DME and payer organizations.  This is immediately productive, growing an organization’s brand to touch tens-of-thousands, even in the 1st year.  It is quick/easy to implement, requires zero-touch of that organization and is inexpensive as a small monthly fee.  It also strengthens provider relations, benefiting upstream/downstream medical professionals, and improves:

  • Social drivers of health, care transitions and readmissions
  • Community outreach, branding and word-of-mouth
  • Employee engagement and morale


Grief is an isolating, lonely journey. Isolationism disrupts memorializing a lost loved one, as family members and friends are forced to grieve alone. GIST empowers people to work thru grief by leveraging storytelling to celebrate the life of a loved one thru aggregating and retaining memories and experiences as a repository of love and empathy. This also benefits future generations, helping them better know their ancestors.


“Austin Regional Clinic has worked with CareFlash since May 2018 and been pleasantly surprised by adoption of the tool among families and individuals across the healthcare spectrum from those with older family members to parents with newborns,” added Heidi Shalev, ARC VP Marketing, Communications and Engagement.  “Since the onset of COVID-19 and social distancing around Austin we saw a sharp, 19.4% jump in Careopolis members so we know people find this helpful and even needed.  We look forward to the addition of GIST to help families and even neighborhood groups to stay connected and support each other at this time.”


Since 2005, CareFlash ( offers The Careopolis, along with its sister solution the pet-family-centric “CareCorral”:  (video:  Each solution integrates the GIST Storytelling Innovation.

Media Contact:

Jay Drayer
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CareFlash Helps Austin Regional Clinics’ Patients Pursue ‘Whole Healing’

New, Free Service Fosters Assistance, Connections, Research
Source: Austin Regional Clinic
June 7, 2020

Often it takes more than just physical healing for many to fully recover from a sickness or injury. It greatly helps if well-wishers can be organized to provided needed assistance. Or, if a patient can connect with others experiencing similar health concerns. Or, if there is easy access to safely share medical status.

Check out CareFlash, a new, free online tool offered by Austin Regional Clinic which can do that and more. In just a few simple steps, a secure, invitation-only “Careopolis” webpage can be created — and be a center for involvement for you and those seeking to help in recovery.

“CareFlash makes it easier
for patients recovering 
serious illness or injury, during
and after 
a NICU stay, when
dealing with 
addiction recovery,
or even 
celebrating the memory
of a loved one.” 

In essence, it converts sympathy to empathy, enabling friends and family to help out in meaningful ways. This also makes it easy to:

  • Provide health updates to family and friends
  • Receive both private and publicly available messages
  • Share photos and memories

Building Community

CareFlash can make it easier for patients recovering from serious illness or injury, during and after a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) stay or when dealing with substance recovery, as well as celebrating a new family addition or a life lost. Select who you want to access the webpage, which is built around a blog for updates, well-wishes and ongoing discussions.

For example, one webpage features an iHelp Interactive Calendar so tasks such as meal delivery can be posted and loved ones can sign up. It also sends email alerts to participants when new tasks are posted.

Need a ride to a doctor’s appointment? A prescription to be picked up? Someone to accompany you on a walk? iHelp is here to help.

The “Social Storytelling” module is an interactive, collaborative approach to telling a person’s life story via photos and written posts. There is also a photo page for sharing memories, brightening days and keeping loved ones connected from near and far.

CareFlash is mobile-friendly and offered in both English and Spanish.

Learn more by checking out this page:

CareFlash’s “PrizedPals” Solution Enhances How Pet-Families Age, Heal, Die & Grieve

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – CareFlash, LLC, a new-media healthcare and pet-care company announces the release of PrizedPals ( for families with pets and the pet-care industry.

PrizedPals offers branded, secure, invitation-only web and mobile micro-communities called CareCorrals.  CareCorrals are compelling to families with pets which are healing, aging, living with chronic, cognitive or behavioral illness, facing end of life or grieving.

“Pets and people both live, age, heal,
die and grieve in 
their own unique
way – physically, psychologically,
spiritually and emotionally
.  A
CareCorral enhances healing by
emotional barriers
converting sympathy to
-Melissa Magnuson
DVM, owner of numerous
veterinary hospitals

“Pets and people age, heal, die and grieve in their own unique ways – physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually,” says Melissa Magnuson, Veterinarian/Owner of Canobie Lake, Greenland and All Pets Veterinary Hospitals.  “CareCorrals inject a commonly absent ingredient into individualized healing dynamics.  This 5th dimension, “Social Healing”, arises through the ways CareCorrals remove emotional barriers, converting sympathy to empathy and enhancing how loved ones engage.”

CareCorrals are created and run by families and include a voice-activated interactive storytelling tool, community blog, photo upload library, interactive calendar, 3D pet health animations and other features.

PrizedPals Strengthens Direct-to-Consumer Marketing for the Pet-Care


“PrizedPals leverages 10 years of strategic insight in enhancing the community outreach, branding and word-of-mouth virality of pet-care providers,” says Jay Drayer, CareFlash and PrizedPals Founder-CEO.  “I founded PrizedPals’ parent entity (CareFlash, LLC, in 2006 out of an extended experience as caretaker to a loved one.  CareFlash offers the Careopolis (a people-centric version of a CareCorral) through its hundreds of partnerships from throughout: acute, post-acute and chronic healthcare providers; cognitive, behavioral care and addiction-recovery providers; hospice-palliative care providers; churches, synagogues and employers wishing to strengthen employee engagement.”

A small sample of its partners includes:  LHC Group, NxStage Dialysis/Kidney, Boon Group (Benefits TPA) and Seasons Hospice-Palliative Care (Nationwide).  Likewise, hundreds of nonprofits such as Houston Hospice, Hand to Hold (NICU), Sims Foundation, Houston’s Second Baptist Church and Seasons Hospice Foundation (Nationwide).

PrizedPals Leverages the Numerous Advantages of Human-Animal Connections for the Benefit of Pet-Care Organizations

PrizedPals is a thought-leader in benefiting mankind, through leveraging one of the most fundamental relationships human beings experience.  European cave paintings illustrate humans have interacted with the animal kingdom for hundreds of centuries.  PrizedPals leverages these bonds, broadening the therapeutic value that people-animal connections nurture in the physical and mental health and overall well-being of each.  Aspects reach beyond the 85 million U.S. households with dogs, cats, birds and horses – to working, herding and barnyard animals.  There are therapy pets that empower quality of life in disaster victims, in people incapacitated by sensory or limb-loss, and with behavioral and cognitive illness.  In fact, pet-human interactions go beyond emotional benefits in enhancing infant immunity to infections, brain chemistry in mental disorders, lowering

blood pressure – even predicting seizures and detecting cancer.  To state the obvious, pets are good for people.

About CareFlash and PrizedPals

CareFlash provides ‘social solutions’, ranging from its people-centric Careopolis – to the PrizedPals’ pet-centric CareCorrals.  Each creates immediately productive value for hundreds of organizations across the continuum of care.  These solutions are invaluable to families with loved ones, and with pets which are healing, aging, living with chronic, cognitive or behavioral illness, in regard to end of life, or grief.  Beyond strengthening quality outcomes, these solutions leverage calls-to-action and branding in enhancing community outreach, provider relations and virality within marketing, branding and direct-to-consumer.

Pet-families: Video:
Families: Video:

Media Contact:
Jay Drayer
CareFlash Founder-CEO
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CareFlash Partners with Six Hospices to Enhance The Fabric, Texture and Durability of Healing

CareFlash today announces partnerships with six more hospices to enhance patient experience, community outreach and professional relations.
November 10, 2015

“CareFlash is a helpful tool people
can use to effectively communicate
with family and friends during a
difficult time. This online technology

provides families one central
location to share information through
a CareCommunity, freeing them to
spend more time with loved ones.”
-Andrea Green, CEO,
Community Hospice of Texas

CareFlash-an Austin, Texas-based company offering specialized social media called “CareCommunities” for those in need-today announces partnerships with six Texas hospices to enhance patient experience, word-of-mouth marketing and viral fundraising. Founded in 2006, CareFlash is a unique service people can use to quickly and easily create their own centralized CareCommunity for facilitating an engaged support network of friends and loved ones during times of need. The tool is also a powerful approach for businesses.

The partnering hospices are Community Hospice of Texas, Dallas/Ft. Worth; Houston Hospice, Houston, TX; Hospice of San Angelo, San Angelo, TX; Hospice Brazos Valley, Bryan/College Station, TX; Providence Hospice, Waco, TX and Lakes Area Hospice, Jasper, TX.

“Although much of hospice care is for the benefit of patients, we are also committed to supporting families left behind who face ongoing emotional and spiritual pain. CareFlash expands our effectiveness in this regard,” said David McBride, Executive Director of both Hospice of San Angelo and Texas Non-Profit Hospice Alliance.

An Aging Population
Ten thousand people will turn 65 years old every day for the next 19 years. The busy professional and personal lives they lead, and the ever-growing social circles they develop powered by social media exemplify the importance they place on ‘community’. It’s these factors, and their level of wealth that explain why boomers are the most attractive marketing demographic.

Branded social media CareCommunities continue gaining favor as a unique avenue that helps hospices enhance outcomes and drives convenience and effectiveness for these boomers – in regard to their parents’ care – while creating more widespread, durable and viral business benefit for hospices powered by compassion, not ads.

“Baby boomers are the fastest-growing demographic adopting social media – and they continue to redefine how people interact,” added Andrea Green, CEO of Community Hospice of Texas. “CareFlash is a helpful tool people can use to effectively communicate with family and friends during a difficult time. This online technology allows families to have one central location to share information through their CareCommunity, freeing them to spend more time with their loved one.”

CareCommunities that are created via the link on each hospice’s website are custom-branded to expand the breadth and durability of their viral word-of-mouth and fundraising through empathy and goodwill, not ads – enhancing engagement among the family’s friends and loved ones.

“CareFlash never dilutes a hospice’s marketing by asking for donations,” said Jay Drayer, CareFlash founder and CEO. “We believe the goodwill that arises in connection with hospice care should benefit the hospice providing that care. The most likely advocates for, and donors to a hospice are those friends and family members whose loved one benefited from the care and compassion provided by that hospice, regardless of whether they reside across the city or the country.”

About CareFlash
CareFlash is a unique, free service people can use to quickly and easily create their own centralized CareCommunity for facilitating a meaningful fabric of love and support. CareFlash enhances the experience hospices provide families, helping improve outcomes by removing the emotional barriers that explain why most people find it difficult to become meaningfully engaged around their loved ones who are approaching a loss or, equally effectively, in the months that follow – while enhancing the marketing and fundraising success of the hospice through goodwill and empathy … not ads. CareCommunities allow members to blog and share status updates, engage involvement from friends, celebrate their loved one’s life and rally ’round that family in tasteful ways. Members are enabled to learn how their help would be key, and to conveniently sign up for specific items. This eliminates anxiety of continually asking for help and the headaches of 3 families bringing casseroles the same evening. Also, information about medical topics is made available through hundreds of plainly narrated 3D animations by Blausen Medical of Houston, TX.

CareFlash also provides a straightforward, measurable way for organizations to leverage a complete social media strategy that enhances outcomes while at the same time driving their word-of-mouth marketing and fundraising in predictable, viral ways.

Jay Drayer
Founder, CEO

Denise Procaccino
Public Relations/Development Coordinator
Community Hospice of Texas
(817) 546-2175

David McBride
Executive Director
Hospice of San Angelo and Texas Non-Profit Hospice Alliance
(325) 658-6524 and
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