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About Camelot Brookside

Come visit us at Camelot Brookside! Our residents enjoy sitting on the beautiful courtyards and watching the birds and butterflies. They also enjoy sitting on the front porch by the pond watching the ducks swim around the water fountains. Some of the residents participate in water-aerobics in the indoor swimming pool with our experienced therapists from Thibodeaux, Albro and Touchet Therapy Group.

Dr. Brian Wilder is the Medical Director. He has enabled us to increase our clinical insight and advance our nursing care. Dr. Wilder has a Nurse Practitioner on staff five days a week at the facility. This enables the residents of Camelot Brookside to be examined and treated in the building which is more efficient than having to make an appointment with a doctor and having the resident leave the building for the appointment.

Camelot Brookside recently finished its annual survey from the Department of Health and Hospitals with excellence. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid rating for Camelot Brookside is 4 out of 5 Stars.

With hurricanes being a regular threat to the Gulf Coast, we can be reminded that Camelot Brookside has been constructed to withstand 140 mile per hour sustained winds. It is also equipped with a generator that will power the entire facility.

The staff at Camelot Brookside invites all of you to come by and visit and take a turn rocking in our beautiful rocking chairs on the front porch. You will want to stay awhile and meet the wonderful staff who make all this possible. Please contact Lauren or Rose if you have any questions at 337-824-2466.

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